Creating a Profile or Who are you? Who who?


Today was very productive. Mollie only had time for one profile update; Okcupid had always been her go-to choice. On Match, I already have over a dozen admirers, but my frugal daughter would not allow me to commit to the $40 a month fee. She answered dozens of OKCupid questions for me, she is a much more efficient typist. One tough question was “What are 6 things that you cannot live without?” Daughter was critical of many of my suggestions like: my therapist, coffee, pain pills, my passport etc. Said they were just too cliched. Oh well. Guess that I have to strive for originality. Challenging at my age.

Amazing how many questions were about politics, which I do feel very strongly about. Lots of anti-Trumpers out there now, thank God.  

Answered many more questions on Okcupid last night. Thank goodness there is a skip option.

Was asked if I was willing to:

1) be videoed during sex

2) engage in a three way

3) have anal sex.

4) have oral sex

5) engage in biting

Now, even if I would be willing, damn if I would post that anywhere online!!!!!

After seeing so many requests for “athletic women”, I decided that it would be MUCH more appreciated to just get it out there that “I am a total KLUTZ” but if you want a cheerleader (to admire the muscles), contact me!!

Was honest about my addiction to MSNBC and when asked to name sports, indicated water sports. Do you think they realize that I mean the beach?? And that I excel at rubbing on suntan lotion? That’s almost like a sport, right? And if pina coladas are offered, I will be in heaven.

My friend Jill strongly advised I post a full body picture and be sure to show off “the girls”.  May wait until I lose another 5 pounds before I go that route. One of my friends told me that she got together with a close friend and they did glam shots together, changing into an assortment of outfits for their profile pictures. Hey, girlfriends on “the lookout” anyone want to play dress-up with me soon?


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