You’ve Got More Mail!


A guy whose post I read said that his favorite movie is “Charade” with Katherine Hepburn. Now, come on, “Charade” starred Audrey Hepburn.  How the F does someone get those two ladies mixed up, especially if it’s your favorite movie? Going to take a hard pass on him, early onset dementia?? Could NOT help myself,  sent him a quick message pointing out his error. Surely he will be very appreciative of my saving him much future embarrassment. Maybe he will even send me flowers or chocolates in gratitude.

Latest message:

“I’m 100 % man…..I look good in anything  and most especially on your arm. I love the outdoors but I also enjoy staying in bed all day occasionally.”

And he wants me to call HIM? Hell no!

“I need a good woman…I want you to know that the distance is nothing and is what we can overcome”

First,  he lives about an hour away and secondly, I could never date anyone who cannot use English correctly. Huge turn-off, dudes.

Was just “liked” by an attractive CT dude (age and height appropriate) going by “ricekrispies.” Loves to read is a definite plus. But, am I to assume that he goes snap, crackle and pop?  Oh, those poor aging joints!

I Responded by asking him what his political beliefs might be? No surprise that I received no response; CT is filled with Republicans after all. Shame, he was kind of cute. I will date men that might be different from me whether by race, age, or even education, but as God is my witness, I will NOT date a Republican!!

I confess, I joined JDate too. Haven’t yet paid for it. That makes 4 sites (2 paid for). But EHarmony is after me now.

Just got a “flirt” from Dan.  WTF he lives in Canada!! Such a tease!

Another flirt just came in from Steve. Only, he lives in Texas. This by definition is “safe sex”.

Oy vey. Was sent a flirt by a 24 year old calling himself  “Iluvgranny” Says he: “Loves loves dating beautiful mature women”.

Well this beautiful, mature woman does not date children!!

A gorgeous (Jewish) 27 year old from Venezuela just sent me the following message:

“Hola Mamacita!”   

I did write him back. “Muy Caliente” (did have 2 years of HS Spanish) but “Sadly  you are too young for me.”

Same day, I got another “like” from a self- described “Tall, dark , handsome and jewish” 25 year old!!  And if his photo didn’t lie…

Oy vey iz mir!!

I Immediately changed the setting on Hinge to “Deal breaker” for age limits.


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got More Mail!

  1. Richard

    Cousin Suzan, love your blog — who knew you had such a sense of humor? — but I must help you out with a erroneous belief that may lead to to your eliminating some potentially fine people. Connecticut is NOT full of Republicans. We have a Democratic governor and all our senators and representatives are Democrats. I understand you’re a Westchester girl and your vision of Connecticut may not extend much beyond Greenwich, which is in fact quite Republican, but most of the rest of the state (even much of Fairfield County) is very much liberal/Democrat. Why did you ask this Nutmegger what his political beliefs were, instead of just stating yours? Maybe he assumed you were a Trumpista. Anyway, not trying to give you a hard time, just hope you extend your search for Mr, Right (or Mr. Right-Now) to include our wonderful state, where even the license plates are blue.

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