Reflections on Men’s Profiles (AKA WTF Were They Thinking?)


Is it naivete that I wonder why so many bald old guys want women ten years younger than they are?? And why do all those overweight men wish for slim athletic women?Why do they want women who live five to ten miles away? Are they too lazy to have to expend time and effort to meet their “dream girl”? Namely ME??And, are there any good options for an admitted klutz? offers the opportunity to check off income range. Honestly, it is not attractive to boast a high income, and a really low income can be equally as off-putting.

I have been reading profiles where men want a woman who is willing to: jump out of airplanes, climb mountains, scuba dive, go horseback riding or (fate worse than death) go camping!! Are they for real??  When did 60-70 year-olds find the need to prove their virility??  

And what’s with the macho poses? I can’t tell you how many dudes are photographed on motorcycles/bicycles, holding tennis rackets or golf clubs, even on horses. Do they think we need pictures to convince us of how strong and masculine they might be? In reality, the photos of them with grandchildren are way more appealing. I also question their choice of photo backgrounds. One guy took a selfie in his bathroom. Really. What image was he trying to create? Yeah it was a lovely bathroom, actually better looking than he was!

And only today, I became aware that so many men are wearing baseball caps or hats. Hmm, eureka! It’s to hide their lack of hair!! Men are SO vain!! What outcome will they expect when they go on a date??

And what is Ralph thinking showing his face laying on a pillow? Yeah I get it. Just didn’t really want to go there, at least not with Ralph!

Just saw a photo of a guy in a skimpy bathing suit. Oh no!!  Not a good look for a dude in his 70’s!!!

Steve from Greenwich posted 18 pictures of himself. Eight were of him in sunglasses! WTF? Good looking guy but sadly he wants someone close to Greenwich and much younger than me.

And the “names” some of these men have chosen to use.  I understand the desire to choose a moniker that gets some positive attention,  but really?? Some favorites: URAgreeable, Kingofhearts, NVRgrowup, 1normalguy, Notageek, liteonmypath, legalromance, huggable, Lovemovesmtns, The goodstuff, Lovestogetsukked, DrFlush

Which one do you think is the worst??  Honestly, please share in the comment section.

Just got a Like from a guy who calls himself “Housebroken.” Very relieved to hear that he no longer peed on the carpet. Good for him. But why would he even begin to believe that is an attractive name? Or are we to presuppose that any former wife (wives) have firmly beaten him into a submissive role??And just maybe……wait for it….He knows how to load the dishwasher!!! Maybe I am just bitter because Johnny caviar never wrote me back!

Would you, or anyone, respond to a guy who calls himself Cooltbang??? Really??

How hard can it be just to find a nice man to go out to dinner with or maybe a movie? Kind readers, I am available for any/all blind dates, as long as they themselves aren’t actually blind and can still drive!


5 thoughts on “Reflections on Men’s Profiles (AKA WTF Were They Thinking?)

  1. When I tried online dating I made the mistake of using “widow” as part of my screen name. I got so many scam responses and fake profiles asking me to directly email their “cousin” who was too “shy” to speak for himself (but not too “shy”to try to scam me into providing my real email address) that I came to believe these scammers read the word “widow” as “idiot”. Do you think I’ll get any responses if I change my “name” to “notrichandnotanidiot?”😉😂

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  2. You ask which is the worst name – no contest. It is Lovestogetsukked. In 2nd place is Thegoodstuff. I don’t find the others you listed so objectionable. Just an effort to think up a cute name. They should all be numbers! No names.

    As for why do the men find it necessary to prove their virility or hide their baldness – you mentioned in an earlier post that your photo should “show off the girls.” Isn’t that the same?

    Where they check off their income – I wonder how many answers to that question are true. My first question is, if they checked “rather not say,” would that make you want to check them out or not? And my second question is, What did you check in that category?

    Honestly I think that the names and the bits of info that they (and you) provide in the profiles are just silly and probably not at all relevant! As long as their name isn’t cooltbang or something crass like that, I think you should respond to anyone local who LOOKS like a good guy.


    1. I left my income blank. That is an option. And for name. I used Suzan. That too is an option. Spoke to a nice local guy. Hope to meet him soon and he told me that women also use dreadful names like toohottohandle. And showing off the “girls ” is the exact opposite of hiding baldness! Using your assets not faking or hiding them!


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