A Plethora of Dating Websites


Positively daunting! Where to even begin?  They hook you in by saying that they are free. So you happily post pictures and spend significant and thoughtful time creating a profile…..

Then you get an email about all the likes and winks and buzz that you are generating. But guess what? They will not reveal that information until you subscribe!! Gotcha Gotcha!!

So you break down and grab your credit card and feverishly input the data only to discover you were “liked” by some hideous looking dude from Texas!!

Match: Seems to offer the largest number of  available men, according to my good friend Jill, who has been doing this for years. Plus you can set up whatever restrictions: age, distance, education etc, not that most men seem to able to read. But requesting Jewish does narrow down the dating pool somewhat.

OkCupid: Better for younger folks, although it was fun answering the thousands of questions. Enjoyed the political ones, the sex questions not so much. Told me I only have 3 matches!! Really? In the whole state of New York ONLY 3 men fit me? Oy, am I in trouble!!

Our Time: Better apparently for us older folks. And just discovered they have a secret group for Jews! That does save on time. JPeople told me that 14 people “liked” me already. Ok, then this must be the website for me. Grabbed my credit card. Amazing, once I actually joined, the former 14 likes suddenly disappeared!

Bumble: One of the most limited in options. Have not yet paid, even though they keep sending me messages about how much Buzz I have been creating. Too cutesy. Ten men have already “liked” me and to find out who, all I have to do is give them my credit card. Convinced they are probably from Mars, if not Mississippi, so have so far refrained from paying.

Couldn’t take the pressure anymore when I saw that 12 guys had liked me! It seemed that I was truly “Buzzworthy”. So, I paid for one month and guess what?? No one lived in NY!! I have never cancelled a membership quite that quickly.

JDate: At least the guys are all Jewish. Saves time sorting out the Christians and the Catholics! And my cousin texted me that her brother found his wonderful wife on JDate. But they have been showing the same dozen sad looking dudes since I joined, so seriously may terminate that membership too. EIGHT of the dudes who had sent me “Smiles” were removed from the website due to being scammers! I immediately went to cancel my membership, but sadly had already paid for 3 months.

To date, I have barely managed to resist EHarmony’s numerous emails assuring me that they have the “One For Me!” Getting too time consuming shopping and messaging strange men. Ok that was a lie and it is a fabulously fun way to waste time. Getting behind on my Facebooking, though.


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