Can a (not so) Old Jewish Lady Find Happiness With a Much Younger Man?

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Today I was messaged by a very attractive dude, a professor in a neighboring town. He is only 48!  Wrote Prof back, that he is way too young for me and that my daughter would disapprove. His response was that he “loved older women and that I looked really great.”  Hmm, how soon can I can book an appointment at my salon?

Biggest surprise was that daughter said “Hey mom, at least he is older than your oldest kid, so go for it!”

How could one refuse to text back a guy that writes “I am sincere, genuine, bright and passionate”. And “I promise that I won’t tell Your daughter”. His next message told me that he “was cute and has blue eyes “

Gave me his cell number. To text or not to text, that is questionable.

Funny thing, in a “weak” moment I did text him. Hey, it was late at night.  I was very surprised not to have heard back, considering how strongly he was urging me to text him. The next morning I was chagrined or pleased, still not sure, to discover that I had left out one number.  Perhaps my inner angel was looking out for me.

Finally I gave in and asked him for his full name; he was very persuasive after all.  I am a Google expert; he did check out and was VERY appealing looking. Just in case he might be reading this, I refuse, on principle, to say good looking.

Should I be concerned when he wrote  me “I am a passionate and patient lover??” Presumptuous or intriguing?  Maybe both. Daughter says, “RED FLAG.”

I reply “At least he’s not after my money.” Do I have an inner cougar scratching to get out?

In his texts, he kept using very dirty words. I tried to tell him, kindly of course, that his very “limited” vocabulary does not speak well of his intellectual abilities and that he simply must try harder.

He had been pressing me for an in person meeting.  I suggested that perhaps I would attend Temple on Friday night and pray on it.  I have been, way more than I should given my age, enjoying the online sparring with the Prof.

With much trepidation and only after lots of verbal foreplay, I have reluctantly/enthusiastically agreed to meet Prof for coffee. Am I crazy to be doing this? I definitely feel ambivalent.

Our “date” will be Saturday at the Peekskill Riverfront for a walk. It is a very public and busy place during the weekend; I believe that if necessary, I can outrun him. And given the crowds, if Prof turns out to be a psychopath or a sociopath, I will be okay; if I scream, someone should hear me. Even my therapist said, “Have fun, but be safe.”  

And if by some miracle, we actually like each other, there are nearby dinner options…

So, what should I wear?? How slutty/ sexy should one be at 1 pm?? It’s not like I’ll be coming from church.

Dating after 47 years requires serious prep, if there was going to be a second date. This means shaving, tweezing and extra mascara.

As to choosing the outfit; I finally decided on a pair of tight black pants and tank top. One should definitely show off one’s best attributes. Next I need a demure sweater to set the right tone: virgin/sexpot combo. I admit I am more than a little confused about my expectations…


One thought on “Can a (not so) Old Jewish Lady Find Happiness With a Much Younger Man?

  1. Robin Garman

    Hi Suzan – I’m reading your posts with interest as I’m considering the on-line dating scene once again, only after I move. So….having done “the dance” early on in my widowhood, and going on at least 50 first dates (none of whom I choose to see a second time), I can tell you what you’re in for. The lovely Prof wants sex. And if you do too….great! I found that the younger guys who are attracted to older women are most interested in either a mommy, or more often, a woman who knows herself sexually. The third possibility is that he is counting on you being sex starved, which will make things easier for him. My advice is….JUST HAVE FUN, IN WHATEVER FORM THAT TAKES. You’re not husband hunting, you aren’t looking for financial support, so keep in mind that he needs to meet your needs….first and foremost!


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