The Date

The time kept getting pushed to later in the afternoon.  I was feeling a strange mix of anticipation and dread. Can I really and successfully do this? Was I kidding myself that a younger, hey much younger man, could even find me attractive?

My fabulous friend Sheryl, who knows me well had this advice:

“Breathe, pause, and listen.” I do tend to talk A LOT. Thanks again, Sheryl.

Then she sent her kind boyfriend Jack to drive me to our designated meeting spot at the riverfront.

We got there at the same time. My friend Jill was right; he definitely has  “bedroom” eyes. Of course I had to send her his photograph, for her approval, in advance. In spite of the many differences in our personal histories,  we surprisingly seemed to click. Talking to him was easy. The weather was cool and drizzly, but we just walked and talked and were indifferent to the damp afternoon.

I even allowed him to read the rough draft of this blog. He quickly found the section on himself and was highly entertained. He thinks I’m funny!!

Sadly there was no offer of food. And I do like food and said that would be a prerequisite of any future dates.

I allowed him to drive me home. He passed the not a psychopath or sociopath test.

Two minutes later he began again to send me more dirty texts. I think I like this guy.

Prof, in person is a lovely, sweet guy, but when texting he becomes a raging sex addict full of braggadocio. I see him having a Clark Kent/Superman or Jekyll/Hyde dichotomy. I told him I thought so.

He actually texted ME for phone sex. But daughter, wise woman that she is said: “Mom that is totally creepy, you don’t have phone sex with someone you’ve never had real sex with.”

**Note to loyal readers: I actually started writing this blog in September and this “meeting” happened early last month. I do want to thank everyone who posted here and on Facebook warning me to stay safe.

Prof and I have remained “text buddies.” He continues to send me outrageous messages, which still make me laugh even on my darkest days and for that, I will be forever grateful to him.


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