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I have been getting so many messages, from much younger men, from 20’s to slightly more acceptable 40’s and 50’s, that I was getting a bit too cocky.  I kept telling myself, after receiving dozens of compliments countrywide about how “beautiful” I was, that I must look pretty damn good  (for my age that is.) And not at all photoshopped, except for removing my husband; I felt that was not a good look.

So, recently I was pleased to see a 60 year old Jewish lawyer who lives in Peekskill on one of the dating sites. Wow, this could be easy! Unfortunately, he quickly wrote me back that while I looked like a “sweet, normal  woman”, he was looking for someone younger.


I  quickly replied, “Me too.”   

Note to 60 year old lawyer: I am a lot of things, but normal does not begin to make the list, just ask my kids!

Just got a “flirt” message from Waffles from Nyack. He is 59, so all hope is not lost.

And because I am snarky, I wrote Readytogo back and told him that after some thoughtful reflection, he is in fact too old for me.

Got at least 6 messages from good looking men today (ok, one was from a woman) attempting to start a “chat” with me. While I am very flattered, not one lives anywhere close enough to meet. Perhaps dating websites should be required to provide all members with maps of the USA. They all must have skipped out on geography classes.

I then had two men recently write me that we were “not a good match.”  What would compel them to share that? Do they have some need to feel vastly superior that they can turn down woman who might be interested in them? Feed their egos?

If I wasn’t so damn secure, I might be feeling pretty insecure now. My guess is that it’s the age thing again. I did have the guts to write to a few more 60 year-olds. Hey at 66, I look younger than they do and will likely outlive them anyway.

Friends who have done the online dating thing, for a while, recently admitted to me that after 60, dating options dramatically drop off. You can either go for much younger men or much older : (.

If guys want to date younger women, why can’t we also pick younger men??

****   UPDATE I have an upcoming date with another very good looking 50-something! Fingers crossed.


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