Potential Errors


I just realized that, when messaging strange men, I have been giving them a “hard sell” based on my many wonderful qualities. Is that too similar to how I dealt with potential clients? Instead, perhaps, I need to flatter them and their sensitive egos.  

I just messaged one attractive man that we had so much in common except he is a vegetarian. I actually offered, for the right man, to give up meat!! WTF? I don’t want to give up meat for anyone and don’t you dare try to take my chicken away!!

Note to self: you will not change yourself to please a man. Trying new adventures and hobbies, sure, but making sacrifices, hell no! He was a dog person anyway and I am totally a cat person. It would never work.

Gorgeous 52 year old wants to “chat”. If only he didn’t live in Saratoga Springs. Heartbreaking. Why am I being tormented by the universe?

I heard from a handsome dude from Chicago.  I wrote him back to say when he is ready to move to NY to please let me know. I am neither looking for a pen pal nor a long distance romance. Not much fun in that.

Wow  there sure are a lot of unattached men out there, but why do so many of the ones who “like” me live in distant states? They look so appealing, then you see SD or CA.

Why, universe??

My good friend and neighbor Sheryl, who has survived the online dating game with great success, has been offering me advice:

  • Don’t talk too much or too long on the phone.
  • Learn to listen (especially challenging for me)
  • Meet ASAP. Because if they are just wrong for you, don’t drag it out over calls and texts. Move on.
  • Know what you want in a relationship. (Vacations and sex?)

Actually I have been getting lazy lately. I have quit sending clever “bon mots” and have instead reverted to just sending the wink, nod, or like. Too time consuming to be so cutesy when I need to be devoting my energies to blogging. Writing has become more entertaining for me than texting and talking to strange good looking men on the phone anyway. Okay that was a lie, just checking to see who read until the end.


3 thoughts on “Potential Errors

  1. Hi Suzan

    1st paragraph – I think you need to do the same thing that you’d like THEM to do. Do you want them to give you the hard sell? or flatter your (sensitive) ego?

    2nd: a vegetarian and a meat-eater can easily be together and each stick to their own dietary policies.

    3rd: Add “Must NOT Love Dogs” to the {{very long}} list of prerequisites on your list.
    – Handsome
    – Wealthy
    – Jewish
    – NYer
    – Meat eater
    – cat lover
    – Democrat
    and what else???

    ** Can’t you set the sites to NOT show you guys who are NOT within X miles from you?

    I DID read to the end! And I agree – in fact I believe that it is ALWAYS too time consuming to be cutesy!

    (Are you getting the comments I post after each blog?)


  2. Laurie, you are making many assumptions. I am aware that meat esters can live with vegans, I feed my sons vegan GF very well. My comment was about offering to give up meat myself for a man! I am not only dating
    Good looking men, Jews or wealthy folks. As to Politics, my main concern is that I will not date PRO Trumpers! Otherwise I am open to other points of view. Many of the sites do not offer distance filters, so it can be very frustrating to get engaging messages from guys who live to far. And I really do not limit myself to cat lovers. I believe that your are missing or misinterpreting my comic tone here. Dating , or contemplating dating is crazy now and I am trying to see the humor in it. Beats crying, my other option now.


  3. In addition, you might as we all do, be reading my blog through a lens of your personal bias. Over the past few weeks. I have Liked men from 45 to 75, Black, Asian, Hispanic etc. I was very disappointed not to hear back from that interesting sounding Buddhist. What I am primarily looking for now is kindness.

    My blog is really not about dating as I have previously stated but my journey towards finding out how to be ME after 47 years of WE! It’s a painful and perilous journey but one where having a sense of how absurd life is and laughing as much as I can smoothes the path.

    And I would still love to meet you for lunch one day soon!


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