Help! I Have an Addiction Problem!


I want to dedicate today’s post to my beautiful friend Laura, who recently told me how much she enjoys reading my blog and how it always makes her laugh!  Bless you for that Laura, I am truly gratified that I am not the only one here laughing!

It began with Bumble, then Hinge (at least I haven’t paid for those two). Then I joined OKCupid which, only after I cancelled, I discovered an attractive man had “liked” me. Star-crossed lovers. Now, 18 men “like” me on OKCupid and all I have to do is pay again for the privilege of finding out who. Oy.

Then I added Match and then Our Time. Next I broke down and paid for JDate. Then, just last week, EliteSingles. Somehow I then got suckered into joining JPeople, and Coffee Meets Bagel was the absolute last.  Maybe.

Sadly, in a weak moment, I also added Zoosk. The men there are really appealing and seem to live much closer to home.

I actually began chatting with a 70 year old from Peekskill a few days ago.  That seemed to be very convenient. I asked him if he was divorced or widowed. His answer was “married with children.” But his wife had not f*&%ed him in 13 years and urged him to “go elsewhere.” I suggested he seek the services of a professional. He asked me, “How much do you charge?” I replied, “You could not afford me.” Oy vey. Maybe I am better off sticking to younger men.

Houston we have a problem. I think I need a 12-step program or a de-programmer. Anyone have suggestions? Laurie??

The truth is, it’s not really about dating, as much as I am enjoying looking at all these extremely attractive men of ALL ages, races and religions who come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! No one size fits all for me!  A smorgasbord of men! I had been with my husband since I was 19, now a virtual candy store of yummy delights is within my reach.

My new hobby allows me to mull over my many future possibilities and it helps to get me out of my “widow headspace.” It happily reminds me that one day there will be options and that I can rebound eventually and recover from my loss. Larry will never be forgotten, he will always be a part of me, but the laughing really helps!

Last night, lighting the Hanukkah candles by myself, I did silently weep for a few minutes. It must have been the Klezmer music. Ten minutes later, I got a rather “naughty” text message from my friend Professor48. It was a great pick me up and I thanked him for always seeming to know when I needed to hear from him.

And, although I do not want to be married again and am not so sure that I even want a roommate, being aware that I may not always be alone helps.  And there is no way that I will ever share my new dream closet (that my fabulous son in law created.) As God is my witness! Maybe a drawer?

Still, how can I stop looking at and chatting with men all the time? I am getting behind on my TV Shows; and the next book club meeting is in a few weeks!


One thought on “Help! I Have an Addiction Problem!

  1. Suzan, You are having fabulous time doing this, why stop? I will be surprised if it leads to a relationship. Because I think you are doing it for fun, not to find a man. But your online dating escapades are very entertaining for you, and for all who read your blog.

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