A Few Days in the Life of Online Dating


This dating thing is a good diversion, but challenging to say the least.

I heard from Jeffrey, yeah the Scottish (maybe) guy from the last blog. A week ago he wrote me “Hey Suz I guess that I have some explaining to do.” I replied “I guess you do and how did you like my last blog?” Sadly never got an answer.  I Guess he read the blog; shocked he didn’t love it.

Had a lunch date set with a lovely man from Ireland, his brogue was just yummy.  That was, until he confessed that he had a DWI from blacking out last year. He had lost his driver’s license, but he was a sober for a year. I really gave it a great deal of thought and replied, “You are a lovely man and an honest one too, but right now I need simple and you are too complicated.”

Next, I chatted up a man from England, oh his British accent made me weak in the knees! He lives in CT now. He came from more of a blue-collar background, but hey I was game to widen my horizons… until the name Trump came up in conversation and he said he liked the guy! I could not hang up fast enough!

I finally heard from another good looking bloke from the UK who lives in NJ. Sadly he will be abroad for the next month, but promised to reach out when he returns. I do swoon over a British accent and I really love their TV shows! And the men- from Darcy to Poldark! Wow! However, he told me that Brits do not really drink Earl Grey Tea! Another illusion shattered. Thanks Captain Picard. He also told me English Breakfast is a marketing fraud!

Tales From Zoosk:

Yesterday, I got a like followed by a request to “email him” from a good looking white-haired “musician, composer, and entertainer.” His profile said he had “toured with a band in the 60’s and that they had recently reunited to tour again.” I googled him, as I do everyone who wants me to contact them off site. I was SHOCKED to discover he was in one of my favorite bands! I emailed, Facebooked and LinkedIn messaged him. I guess it was a bit overkill (stalking-level perhaps) and scared him off. Shame, in my new life becoming a groupie would have been so cool!  Over breakfast all week I listened to his band’s music and thought of what might have been.

The next day, unbelievably he messaged me: “Do you work for the FBI?” So, I guess all hope is not yet lost. Messaged him back that I have very special research skills. 😉

A studly looking tall, black artist from NYC had “liked” me earlier.  I finally heard back; he loves passionate women who have curves. Hey, I qualify! Could obtain references too, if necessary. I did share that my curves were the Eastern European version. Did not want to be deceptive.

A charming white-haired archaeologist who sadly lives in Cambridge says I “have a beautiful smile” and does not think distance should be an impediment to a relationship. But he seems to have vanished.

Zoosk just told me that 174 men have “viewed” me. Is that good thing? Maybe 50 plus have reached out. Including the dude who offered to pay me.

Got a like from “Moptop”; not such a bad name after seeing his photo. Attractive, Jewish, and age and distance appropriate. Maybe the dating gods are finally smiling at me? Hold it! In his profile, he said that he smokes and if that’s a problem…pass on. Of course that required the snarky response that “my husband died of lung cancer after smoking for over 40 years” and then I suggested he get a CT scan sooner. Too much? Or not enough??

I would date that adorable 30 year old law student who keeps texting me on Coffee meets Bagel before I would ever date a smoker!!  And yes I am very tempted by him. He is Jewish after all, and he will be a lawyer, if he passes the Bar. Best of luck, future lawyer!


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