A Few Days in the Life of Meshuggah Online Dating Part 2

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“Notwaitingforgodot” wants to meet me when he gets back from vacation, even though he lives several hours away. I believe that he appreciated my advising him that “not waiting” was best. I did add, just in case he didn’t realize, that I knew he was referring to a play and that I was a Becket fan. Wow, a guy who likes plays and not just musicals? Maybe there is hope yet.

He texted back through the website suggesting that we exchange numbers. I Told him that I always confirm identifies beforehand because saying that I am a widow is like “catnip” to scammers. He has not yet replied. I am thinking the dating gods are no longer smiling tonight.

From Elite Singles:

Bill in Wilmington said “Hello Dear you are almost as attractive as me. We should keep the conversation going to discover who is better looking on the inside.” After reading that I just couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks, Bill!

Not surprisingly, I got a message the following day telling me that Bill was being investigated and if I gave him my banking password, it would be advisable to change it now. Oh Bill, you are such a disappointment!

From JDate:

“Wrongfiryou” sent me a flirt. When I checked, in addition to no photos, he lives in Chicago. So of course I had to write him back to confirm that because of his location he is definitely wrong for me. He quickly responded that he would be willing to relocate! He would be wrong for me just because of his spelling choices. Oy.

He wrote back, his picture wasn’t bad, even if he was “hair challenged.” He asked me what “made me happy.” I wrote him back that that wasn’t something “that I could put in writing.” Too much? Of course he immediately responded asking me to text or email him. I responded that my kids are very strict and do not allow me to contact strange men. Yeah right. 😉

Got a message from JDate that “Wrongfiryou” had been removed from the community. Another one bites the dust!

Nick from Edmonton Canada also messaged me. According to his profile he has strong Christian beliefs. I would not  have bothered to reply, but he was very good looking and I am weak when handsome men show up. I questioned his choice of being on JDate and he quickly offered to convert. I tried tactfully to explain that is not how it’s supposed to go; you convert because of your beliefs and not for another person. And  then I questioned whether he was ready to give up Jesus as his savior. Sadly I will never learn Nick’s fate as JDate has officially removed his profile too. Poor dude will not get to snag a member of the “tribe”, at least not through JDate.

And then there was Harry: a semi- retired accountant and a UPenn Wharton grad. After checking him out carefully, I gave him my number. Within the first five minutes, he shared with me about his enlarged prostate, the surgical procedure and his 3 month requirement of a catheter. Honestly, I kept trying to change the topic. Then I asked why he never married. He blamed it on his mother! Really at 71, it was still his mom’s fault! Hey our mother- in- law was a whack job, right Jacqui? Yet somehow she managed to raise 2 outstanding sons!


I found myself today in the distinctly odd role of giving a young man advice on his dating profile. M was adorable and 41!  He had liked my picture and told me that he thought I was pretty and was startled to see my age. Although he immediately reassured me that while he had never been with someone of my advanced years, he was not adverse to a “hook-up”.  Tough offer to refuse and while I was tempted, instead I told him that his written profile was pretty meager and it made him look lazy. And his photos! Why don’t guys know better than to take selfies in a mirror, blurry ones moreover? Don’t they have friends who can take a picture?  A male friend suggested that perhaps they are too embarrassed to let their friends know that they are attempting online dating. Isn’t that what sisters are for? My son explained why mirror selfies are usually in bathrooms, because that is the only room in bachelors’ homes where mirrors live. M promised me, for his new years resolution, that he would improve his profile. I wished him the best of luck!


3 thoughts on “A Few Days in the Life of Meshuggah Online Dating Part 2

  1. Susan

    Wow, my comment for today is just wow. How do people successfully meet online, which I know they do. Is it just the more advanced, mature daters who attract the crazy and scamming? Thought for the day.

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    1. I am convinced that when some men see the word”widow” they believe that we are easy prey and have lost our minds along with our husbands. I have actually gone on a few dates, with lovely men, but promised I would NEVER write about them 🙂


  2. I happened to come across a post that you wrote and this link was attached. I love reading your blog. I am 62 and have been on the sites also. Alas no luck for me. Continue to make me laugh.


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