What’s Next?

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Some readers might have noticed that I have not posted in almost 3 weeks. I have been on a break which allowed me some much-needed time to rethink and reflect where I saw my blog going.

I have written in detail about my widow’s journey,  although I have chosen not to embarrass the bad dates or allow the good dates to get swelled heads. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and make some good friends and some very good friends. We will leave it at that.

So, as I have evolved, I realized that I need to move forward and extend and expand upon the original goal of my blog, which was to share my voyage towards becoming ME. While my blog would still be funny, the insights that it might provide would be of limited value. I need to be doing more and making a greater impact!

Lucky for me, my daughter Mollie is my best friend. There are no conversations or topics that are taboo between us, even if we do not always agree. By their very nature mother/daughter relationships have so many built-in conflicts. We, somehow, through good communication, have weathered many potential cataclysms, including being in business together. That was indeed a challenge for both of us.

Mollie has been encouraging me to start a podcast, the latest IN tech thing now on dating, but my intended “partner in crime” decided the timing wasn’t right for him. So, after recovering from his defection, Mollie suggested that she and I do one together instead. Hey, we had paid big bucks for her degree in theater!  And the girl is very bright and talented and almost as funny as her mom!

Together we made the decision NOT to limit our discussions to dating, but to begin at the beginning, so to speak, and cover a broad range of issues affecting mothers and daughter. Such as: How and why do we so often have conflict? What can you tell your mom? What subjects are taboo? Where do you share similar points of view? Religion? Politics? Family?

Now since almost EVERYONE that I know is a daughter and many a mother of a daughter, we have a built-in audience!!! Eureka!

And God knows the relationships between mother and daughter, while often with the best of attentions can easily go awry.  Who has not suffered in some way from comments ones loving mom has made?

Among my “favorites” from my mom were: “Do you really like your hair that color?” To which I replied: “No, I paid hundreds of dollars for highlights that I hated”. And even more of a zinger, on my 44th wedding  anniversary, Mom confided in me, “You know I always thought that you could have done better.” Ouch!

The Plan: we will soon, once we finish writing it, be emailing a survey to EVERY female that we know about her relationship with her mother and/or daughter.  Please complete it and pass it on to your female friends and family. The results will be discussed on our very first show!

We sincerely hope to explore, in a humorous fashions of course, why mommy/daughter relationship are just so damn hard! Anyone who knows me or has read my blog can expect to be well-entertained by my dark and twisted humor!! Add in Mollie’s, and it will be guaranteed to make you pee your pants!

We hope to facilitate better communication, hence better, more honest relationships. Even if it’s too late for you with your mom, you can become a better mom to your daughter(s).

Our working title is “Mommy and Me”. We’d like to make it as interactive as possible and field questions from listeners as well as share their stories. If you have any thoughts, questions, topics right off the bat or are interested in being a remote or in-studio guest, please email us at: mommyandmepod@gmail.com. We hope you will await our debut podcast with great anticipation! We are optimistic that we can launch right after Mother’s Day when likely ALL of you will require some laughs. Otherwise call me and we can set you up with some wine or Valium (just kidding on the drugs…maybe).

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of my readers who have faithfully read my blog and left me messages of encouragement. And I’ve gotten such a positive response when I’ve had friends and family (who I didn’t even know read the blog) tell me how much they’ve enjoyed it. Your support has buoyed me up during the most difficult journey of my life. It has been my pleasure to make you think, make you laugh, etc. Thank you again, dear readers, for being there!


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