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New Podcast!

If you've enjoyed my blog, please check out my new podcast with my daughter Mollie, Mommy and Me. You can find it on your favorite podcast app or here for iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mommy-and-me/id1463128423

What’s Next?

Some readers might have noticed that I have not posted in almost 3 weeks. I have been on a break which allowed me some much-needed time to rethink and reflect where I saw my blog going. I have written in detail about my widow's journey,  although I have chosen not to embarrass the bad dates …

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How Best to Blow a Guy Off? Figuratively Speaking of Course!

Is honesty kind or cruel in the online dating world? It’s a conundrum. I have sent multiple brief and flirty messages to many guys over the past few months and usually never gave them a second thought. Too many men and so many different dating websites, I would need an excel spreadsheet just to keep …

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It’s been six months now since I began blogging about online dating. My daughter wisely suggested that I take a deep breath and reflect back upon my journey: what I have discovered about myself, men, and online dating in general. My first takeaway is that I CAN take out the garbage! The trick, it seems, …

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Plunging Deeper into the World of Online Dating

I started my week, with this lovely message: “You are hot, funny, pretty, charismatic and have an amazing body”  Thanks for that, my nameless online friend (may hap you need stronger glasses?) and I hope that you are still following my blog and that your upcoming dates go well. He also shared with me that …

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