You’ve Got Mail!


Even before Mollie’s expert guidance, several men have been already reaching out to me. Very flattering. Dare I, a Progressive Liberal, date a “centrist” from Portchester? Only one of the many options out there. Hey, this could even be fun.  Wait a minute, his message to me is: Hey! I am looking to meet a fun woman for… Good times.

Could he be referring to taking me to Paris for a weekend?? Hmm, if so…My son quickly reassured me, “No that’s not what he’s talking about.”

Good thing that I am not in a hurry after all.

Got a message from a guy in Michigan that said “Hey”. I’m not sure if I am more turned off by his total lack of articulateness or his inability to read a map.  No, Michigan does NOT border on NY.

Imagine my surprise when one of the next guys I heard from was Mr. Wannabe from faux Scarsdale. No comment or message, just his phone number. Hmm to call or not to call? Should that even be a question since he was a bit of an arse?

On the plus side, I have been texting with a seemingly lovely feller from White Plains. He is very appealing looking. Age appropriate and Jewish. Only hitch is that we live about 45 minutes away and neither of us owns a car or drives anymore.  I told him that we are “like the bird and the fish”. He seems to believe that all is possible and has been encouraging me to call him and that I have nothing to lose. I am taking it very slow and he understands and respects that, at least for now. My daughter has  kindly offered (with muscular husband in tow) to drive me to a restaurant halfway. They would be willing to chaperone and sit a few tables away, likely glowering at poor Mr. Carless. Would any man have the cojones for that?? Just texted Mr. Carless to ascertain his last name so I could do some “internet research” on him. Too soon for Facebook?

Actually gave Carless my phone number and he called within 2 minutes. Of course. I asked him what took him so long. He is a very pleasant and charming person and we may meet in a few weeks. The Uber fee to Peekskill is $ 30. Not too bad. But truly, for those who know me well, can I find happiness with a man who talks more than I do?

Just got a like from a guy that calls himself Harborfront. He likes the beach, drag racing and, although he hasn’t read much, recently James Patterson and Michael Crichton are his go-tos. I like guys that read actual literature. I have champagne tastes, but seem to be attracting the beer-loving dudes. What am I doing wrong?


3 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. Suzan, consider the very strong possibility that these gents are getting expert guidance from their children. You can understand how that would happen, yes? So the communications you are having are really just their children talking to your children. Or their best friend or whatever.

    I have no idea what faux Scarsdale is. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pretend they are from Scarsdale – I learned long ago never to say I’m from Scarsdale! I say I’m from Westchester.

    It’s a GREAT idea to have your kids drive you, and keep an eye on you from another table! He doesn’t even have to know, probably better if he doesn’t.

    You’ll find a great guy. But he may not be anything on your list of what your perfect date should be. See you Tuesday, looking forward to it!


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