Coffee Meets Bagel

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I tried going on it for a day, for free, but it only allowed me one connection daily. The handsome men were just too great a temptation, So I paid for a month. WOW, it has the best looking and most fascinating men so far!!

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and “liked” men of color, varying religions, ages, etc. Although I would not approach men from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or Long Island; there was little point since they would not be willing to travel that far to meet me anyway.

Man #1 lives close and is unbelievably a Rabbi and a comedian! Who knew one could be both? And he is anxious to meet me. I am considering it, but when he told me on the phone that he wanted us to be “exclusive” and be married by a rabbi (hey Mona, have some free time?) I was a little concerned.

Man #2 is a younger and VERY hunky looking Scotsman. We have been texting for a few days already. He asked me questions like “What was your happiest childhood memory?” “Favorite flower? Season? Color?”  I grew concerned and asked him if he was actually a woman and that he/she still intrigued me. He replied that perhaps he was a “different kind of man.” I am optimistic that I will learn very soon just how “different” he is indeed. I am happy to make whatever necessary sacrifices are called for to improve the quality of my blog for my readers! And he thinks I’m “freaking hot”. I just hope that he does not turn out to be a 95 year old troll!

Man #3 was a much younger Jewish guy, in his 40s, but I am willing to be open, totally for the sake of research for my blog of course. I asked and he immediately gave me his real name. You cannot begin to imagine the horror I felt when I checked him out on his Facebook page and saw him carrying a sign that said “Jews for Trump!!” I tried to kindly explain that Trump is a racist, misogynist, anti-Semite. But realized, sadly, that given that his primary news source was Fox, he was not open to the truth. I had to block him. Very sad because he was kind of cute.

Man #4 initially appeared to be very promising. He said he was from Paris and new to this country, although his English was excellent. We did chat for a while. He was also very handsome with white hair. Then I attempted some of my high school French on him and he quickly disappeared. Either he was horrified by my French or he actually knew NO French himself! Oh well. And I had thought that only Parisian waiters get that hostile when Americans attempted to speak French. My hunky Scotsman consoled me that he was probably a fraud, and a real man would have taught me French.

Man #5 wrote me:  “You sound so healthy and have all the qualities I am hoping to find. I hope this isn’t one of those fake profiles I’ve heard about. Please be real (with an image of praying hands)!” I replied that  “I am very real and only hope that you are not pro-Trump.” He is 7 years younger than moi, 6 feet tall, works for a hedge fund and is incredibly handsome. Oy vey. I guess he must be a Trump fan as well because, although his prayers were answered that I am really real, he never wrote back.

****Update: Received a message from CMB Admin: Dude #4’s profile is being investigated for fraud! Mon Dieu!! Thankfully it was not my poor French that drove him away!


One thought on “Coffee Meets Bagel

  1. Hey Suzan. I think that man #2 is the only one that has potential. I love that you have decided to venture beyond your comfort zone!! Brava!! You may have to throw out your list entirely in order to find the right man.


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