Watch Out For Crazy!


Just in the past few days, it seems my beauty has enslaved several men. Oh dear, maybe I need to use less mascara?

From Coffee Meets Bagel:

“A” from Brooklyn (formerly, supposedly, Germany):

“What  a beautiful name for  beautiful woman like you”, “A goddess of beauty and smile”, ”Our paths were meant to cross. and now that we have finally have the contact there is no way I am letting you go”, “I am your last bus stop”

I think that I will skip getting off the bus at THAT stop!

Big surprise he is now being investigated by CMB. What is it about me that attracts all the scammers? Do I need photographs where I look meaner?

“M” from the UK:

“If we can understand each other nothing can break two hearts that care”, “ But now I have this burning desire for you”, “I feel love for you”, “When I saw your profile I was so moved by your angelic beauty “

A banner day: I am an angel and a goddess, hmmmm.

ThenR” said:

“You appear Interesting and lovable”, “What does a gorgeous lady such as you do for fun?”

He should only know that writing about him is exactly what I do for fun!

He said he had attended Stuyvesant High School. If that were true, his writing would be so much better! He tried to get me to talk off website. He finally gave me a name that didn’t check out. And incredibly our chat had suddenly “expired.”  So I reported him!

Then from Bumble:

“M” who had been chatting on and off  for months suddenly wanted to meet me. So, of course I asked him for his last name.  Understandably, he inquired as to what purpose and I said that I would run the info through a website that could check him out (criminal record, etc) and he would be free to do the same with my name. Imagine my surprise when about an hour later our entire conversation and his profile magically disappeared off the website!

My best advice is to check anyone out through this website if you are even considering being in contact with them, off the safety of the website. You can either put in their name or the phone number that they gave you. Trust but verify is my motto for online dating!

After conversing with way too many scammers online, I am becoming aware of some very clear red flags:

  • International: makes them harder to track and perhaps a wee bit more romantic, i.e Jeffrey my handsome maybe Scotsman.
  • Out of Country Presently: I have heard that too many times.  Two very handsome dudes (if it was really their pictures) were on oil barges, one in the Aegean and the other in the Gulf of Mexico! AVOID dudes who say they are on barges, seems it’s a common scam! Recently I was contacted by a very good looking guy, supposedly a 60 year old doctor in NYC. When I asked “What hospital are you affiliated with?” His reply was none: “I am presently in Aleppo, Syria.” That set off warning bells!!
  • Overuse of Compliments: my absolute favorite was the guy who was just “Crushed by [my] beauty”!  So, while I was totally unfazed by Mr. Obnoxious in NYC who thought I was “visually unattractive”, I do own a mirror, several in fact. I actually felt sorry for him, that sounded SO painful.
  • Overuse of Dear:  other than addressing letters or a very well-trained husband saying “Yes, dear”,  it is not a word that Americans typically use in written correspondence. Yet, it’s incredible how many men have used this very word when attempting to converse with me online.  Now when I hear it, I just KNOW that they are not from this country! While I have no problem with dating International folks, if they claim to be American but keep dear-ing you, run like hell!
  • Poor English: this is a tip off, especially if they claim to have a college degree. Heard today in fact from a good looking NYer, who said he was  a Gemologist by profession. Thumbs up on that for bait! Hey I like jewelry, I mean I really like jewelry, but his English, when asking him questions, was SO poor. While his profile was so well written and his profile said he had kids plural, he mentioned only one when texting me. My spidey sense was  a tingling! Then later the same day from Coffee Meets Bagel, when asked to fill in what he liked, a dude answered: “Love movies and also when my partner is always happy that gives me joy cos my joy is my life sperm” HUH???
  • Too Quick to “Be in Love” With You: I find that a huge turn-off anyway.
  • Attempt to Get You Off the Dating Website-: onto Hangouts or Whatsapp or some other site and/or encourage you to reveal your cell number BEFORE they give you their full name and a chance to check them out online!
  • Too Damn Good-Looking: I hate to admit this, but when they are just too  damn attractive, especially if they are at least ten years younger, I really do question their motives.

We ALL leave online footprints: if we have bought or sold a house, donated to  charity, been on or other such websites. And of course, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. If you can find no trace of an individual, ask them where you can confirm their identity. And if you can’t, consider yourself lucky that you checked before leaping!! ENJOY BUT BE CAREFUL OUT THERE; ONLINE DATING CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR SAFETY!


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